Windows Template Studio for UWP

Windows Template Studio for UWP Short introduction Creating new Universal Windows Platform application was never easier than now. With friendly wizard developers are able to choose UWP app template and start implementation from reasy-to-go sample. This is evolution tool of Windows App Studio. It handles different scenarios described later in this article (like using master-detail … More Windows Template Studio for UWP

Xamarin DevOps

Xamarin DevOps   Short introduction Application development – when you hear this you imagine some IDE where you can write code and build your app. Nowadays it looks different (and should look like this). When starting mobile app project, not only with Xamarin, you have to do some analysis, development plan, design research. There is … More Xamarin DevOps

Beautiful Xamarin Apps

Beautiful Xamarin Apps Short introduction When creating mobile application developer should not only think about functionality. Of course this is crucial element but there is also one more important element – design. There are so many applications in stores so you have to interest potencial user. Screenshots are visible before someone download your application. Besides … More Beautiful Xamarin Apps