Universal Windows Platform

Universal Windows Platform

One single core – Windows Core

Windows 10 will be revolution especially when we try to look back and see how previous Windows versions were developed and maintenanced.

This time Microsoft presents a unified platform – Universal Windows Platform.

What does it mean?

  • One hardware platform
  • Universal hardware driver
  • Standard with network and I/O




Single API surface – Universal Windows Platform


Can you imagine one, common set of API that you can use while creating desktop application, mobile application, Xbox application and more?

Now it is possible.

With Windows 10 developers gain access to common API surface that can be used to create universal applications that work on each device.

“Apps don’t target Windows 10, apps target the platform “


While creating application developer has to worry only about target selected platform:

  1. MinVersion – minimum version of the platform that application can work with
  2. MaxVersionTested – the highest version of the platform that developer tested his application with and it works properly



Single binary – Windows 10 application


This feature is something absolutely new. We have never had it before.

One application project, one binary that works on each device with Windows 10.

How is this be possible?

Each application before installing on physical device will be downloaded from Windows Store.

Next generation compiler in the cloud will be responsible for compiling application code for a specific device.




Great! But what about specific device features?!

Platform extension SDK


That is very good question. Windows Phone for example has back button, Xbox has special features connected with displaying content and IoT device has no screen for instance.

Do not worry. You can count on “Platform extensions”: device specific API set.

If you want to refer to specific device features just add extension SDK to your solution in Visual Studio. It is simple.



Sum up


Windows 10 Universal Platform provides some key changes:

  1. One Operating System – one core for all devices with Windows 10
  2. One Application Platform – your app will run on every Windows 10 device
  3. One Developer Center – single portal for publishing and monitoring your apps
  4. One Store – create one app for all devices and publish it in one huge Windows Store


What do you think? Me can’t wait! J