Universal Windows 10 App – Store publication process

Universal Windows 10 App – Store publication process


Short introduction

Most of applications will be published at the end of the development process. In this article I would like to show how you can publish you Universal Windows 10 App in the Windows Store. How to do it? Of course through the Windows Dev Center!

What do I need to start?

1) Visual Studio 2015 Community (for free) or higher

2) Developer account in the Windows Dev Center

a. Individual account – one time registration: 19 USD

b. Company account – one time registration: 99 USD

Please find all details under this link.

Let’s start

1) Open Visual Studio and create new blank Universal App project:


2) Associate your app with the Windows Store:

First step before you publish your application is “store association”. This process is used to register the app name in the Windows Store to uniquely identify it.

1. Right click on the project and select “Store” -> “Associate app with the Store…”:


2. On the first screen click “Next” button:


3. Sign in to the Windows Store – use the account that you have used to create Dev account:


4. Type the name of you app that will be reserved in the Windows Store and click “Reserve”:


Visual Studio will automatically check if this name is available in the Windows Store and update apps list:


Name of you app should be displayed in the window. Click “Next” button:


5. In the last step click “Associate” button:


6. This will automatically add publish profile to the project (with associated app in the Store):


3) Prepare app to be published:

1. Before you publish the app you have to prepare some information in the manifest:


2. You have to also provide Visual Assets for your app (like splash screen):


3. Last thing is “Packaging” tab where you can set the version number and publisher name – this should stay like it is by default:


4) Create app packages:

1. To publish you app in the Windows Store you have to create app packages to be deployed:


2. Click “Next” in the displayed tab:


3. Sign in to the Windows Store (or you already are) and click “Next”:


4. Select app name that you have reserved earlier:


5. Last step in this process is very important:

You can type the version number (it is automatically incremented so do not change it).

“Generate app bundle” is also selected by default – This makes the store submission process much simpler because you will only have one file to upload (.appxupload). The single bundle will contain all the necessary packages to deploy to devices with each processor architecture.

You can also select supported architectures (x64, x86, ARM).

Click “Create” button:


6. In the Console you will see that packages are being created:


7. The last step here is to launch “Windows App Certification Kit” – this will automatically check if your application is ready to be published:


Once it will be tested you will have access to the prepared appxupload file which can be uploaded to the Windows Store:


5) Uplad app packages to the Windows Store:

1. Sign in to the Windows Dev Center with your Microsoft account (you have to already have dev account registered) under this link.


2. You will see your app name on the left side – click it:


3. In the next step click blue buton called “Start your submission”:


4. These are the last steps before publishing your app:

You will have to provide Visual Assets like Store logo of your app, pricing, age rating and of course app package that you have created in the previous step:


Once you do it “Submit to the Store” button will be enaled – click it.

App will be handled by verification process that will take some time. Once it’s done your app will be available in the Store:



Sum up

In this article I tired to show you how to publish you Universal Windows 10 App in the Windows Store. Like you see the whole process is convenient for the developer. Now it’s your turn – try to publish your app!