Windows Dev Center Benefits – accelerate your UWP apps

Windows Dev Center Benefits – accelerate your UWP apps



Short introduction

Application development – sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Developer with passion cares not only about code quality, user experience but also should be aware of future of the app.

That is why Dev Center Benefits program was created. It helps you to plan, build and and distribute your Universal Windows 10 Apps.

In this article I would like share some information for you how to take advantage from it.

Registered Windows Developers are automatically part of the Dev Benefits Program

If you are registered Windows Developer you can get benefits from it. If you do not have an account yet you can create one under below link:

Register as a Windows Developer


There are free levels:



This is your first default level when you register as a Windows Developer. It is good time to plan, build and position your app.

On this level you have access to:

1) Architecture guidance session

2) Design guidance session

3) Talk to our expert session

4) Lionbridge Technologies localization services—25% discount

5) Novy Unlimited marketing services—30% discount




This level means that you have already published your app and you also have customers. This is a good time to boost it with additional perks.

On this level you have access to all benefits from the Explorer level plus:

1) BizSpark program—priority consideration

2) AdDuplex cross-promotion credit




Master level is the highest possible level to achieve. You have great app published with outstanding performance. With this level you can start to plan your next app and next strategy.  All above benefits are available including additional two:

1) Windows Store merchandising promotion

2) In-app advertising campaign credit (in local currency)


Sum up

In this article I tried to briefly introduce you to Dev Center Benefits Program which helps developers to build even better apps and strategy connected with them. Under this link you can read more about it. Now it is time to create some great apps, publish them and get benefits!